Hi, my name is Jess.


I’m a Londoner (for now), an ardent explorer of this beautiful planet and never without my Instax Mini 8.

There is nothing in the world that makes you grow more than stepping outside your comfort zone and experiencing something new, especially as a party of one.

Let's be honest, eating alone for the first time is daunting AF and sometimes it takes more a hefty shove than a gentle nudge to get out of the house. Let me assure you, the sense of satisfaction when you polish off that pie-for-one in a dimly lit pizzeria in some new city you're visiting for the first time is incomparable.

Much to my the joy of my family and friends, I've always been independent and done my own thing: from embarking on multiple Stateside road trips to moving to Dubai by myself at 22 to teach horse riding, and visiting 20 countries in 5 years. Their support has definitely kept me on the road in more ways than one.

So with a nomadic and adventurous spirit, I truly hope that through sharing my experiences of going solo I can help and inspire you to do the same. Take it one step at a time & it's really not so scary, promise.

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