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Eating Barcelona

Eating Barcelona

Eating, Drinking, Merry Making

Three days in Barcelona. Three days of ploughing through some utterly fantastic treats & tipples. And depending on your perspective, three of the most important ways to get immersed in local culture. 

Coffee Time

Satan's Coffee serve up Barca's best java. Fuel up on hot coffee, punk attitude, and Japanese breakfast in a relaxed, super hip, and aesthetically pleasing cafe but please don't be fooled or think they're all gimmick - this brew has the substance to back up it's unequivocal style.

As part of the room rate, Praktik Rambla offers free coffee, tea & croissant on a romantic terrace. Or the parlour given the freezing temperatures. Tasty fuel for a day of sightseeing.

Uber surprisingly, the coffee spot at Camp Nou make a tasty, albeit it fairly standard, extra hot chai latte. But then, I had been on an open top bus tour for the day and could barely feel my hands any more.

Chocolate For Eating. Chocolate For Drinking.

Chocolate is a huge part of Catalan culture so who was I to argue...La Boqueria served up florentines and every manner of cocoa shaped delicious treat. However, it's the drinking of it, not the eating that is key to natives.

According to local expats, there is only one churreria Head to La Pallaresa spot in the depths of the Gothic Quarter for the thickest, richest, most delicious hot chocolate just waiting to coat fresh churros.

La Boqueria

So good it actually deserves its own section. It's a delicious spot and the only place on La Rambla any locals would be caught dead eating at. Empanadas, gelato, honey, chocolate, wine and Jamón ibérico...oh my! Tastebud tantalisers in every colour, shape and origin wall the edges of every narrow lane, tempting you at every turn. No getting away from it, this is an indulgent space.

Pintxos & Tapas

Pintxos on Carrer de Blai - heading anywhere on this bustling street and expecting a spot mean you need to get there early. Visit Blai Tonight for solid vegetarian options, cheap Rioja and friendly vibes. Fan of fish and a beyond cosy atmosphere? Quimet i Quimet is for you. The dish du jour was by far Salmon with yoghurt & truffled honey with happy faces tucking in while their drinks rested on any available surface.

El Nacional in the plush Eixample district is heaven on earth. In winter, this gorgeous multi-restaurant space is incredibly festive and provides a welcome port in a cold weather storm. Choose from full on sit-down scran and bar-side tapas in this very pretty and plush space.

Buy The Bottle

Head to Maka Maka, sit outside and enjoy the marina views while you chow down on burgers and sip chilled cerveza in the sunshine. This spot is cute, hip and very laid back - just what was needed after walking for ages and navigating street vendors selling genuine fakes.

Located inside Casa Bonay, The Libertine serves up stellar cocktails and a concise wine list by bar tenders more than happy to teach while you drink, as well as offering up recommendations for the rest of your stay. This is how I discovered orange wine, tintos and my next bar stop...

A pretty bar on a Gothic Quarter backstreet hidden beneath a canopy of trees, El Bosc de Les Fades is literally a fairy tale forest complete with babbling brook, wax worked oddities and Ents.

Top off an evening of pretty with a nose dive into the grunge world of Nevermind. Because getting boozy in a half pipe at happy hour should be on everyone's agenda.

Check out my Spanish gallery - it's chock full of sensory delights.

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