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Eating Seattle

Eating Seattle

Where, When & Why

Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. // September 2018 // Putting the EAT in Seattle, and some extra knotches in my belt!

Pack your stretchy trousers because, in this indulgent city, it’d be rude not to sample every local delicacy. This would be my first tip for SEATAC first-timers. Between the macarons & pies & doughnuts (OH MY!), rich & delicious temptations await you at every turn. So, let’s find out where to put the EAT in Seattle.


My morning always starts with a stiff coffee (or a tea if I’m home in Cardiff) paired up with usually healthy & hearty brainfood to get my butt in gear, or at least to tie me over until lunchtime. On my excursion to Capitol Hill, dirty chai from Caffe Umbria in hand, I stumbled upon Melrose Avenue. Those who know, know how I feel about Clueless and Melrose, LA so to find smaller but equally quirky & cool Melrose Avenue in PNW brought me oodles of joy.

Melrose Market sits halfway between Pine & E Pike Street and takes industrial-meets-farmhouse minimalist very seriously. Thankfully, since opening their doors in 2010, their dedication to precise tiling & spot-on lighting has been equalled by each vendors’ care in their wares. I sat down with Homegrown for some health in the form of the Braised Greens & Avocado Bowl. Let me tell you, the bar was raised on eating green. In no small way attributed to Homegrown’s ethos of simple flavours from sustainable sources - and one killer carrot lime habanero hot sauce!

In the Amazon Biospheres I took the far less virtuous approach to my breakfast with a visit to General Porpoise. Having learned about them back in August when getting a birthday delivery to my sister, I knew I had to try them for myself.

The General Porpoise doughnut is similar to the classic doughnut of my nostalgic dreams - round, doughy, covered in sugar and filled with a custard or jam. My weapon of choice? The Pluot. Perfectly fluffy dough flavoured with a sticky jam made from this west coast hybrid fruit of plum & apricot. They make a damn fine coffee too.

Hankering after that classic brunch, Biscuit Bitch was a necessity but with an hour long line out of their Belltown location & a flight to catch, my sister & I opted for a second round of Serious Pie & Biscuit. Given how insane Serious Pie’s pizzas were it made sense that their brekkie compadres matched up and although tempted by house peanut butter, ripe banana, honey biscuit, I opted for their biscuit topped with truffled frittata, tomato, caper, & arugula. My my my! Serious Biscuit is SERIOUSLY good!

Sorry to labour the point of delicious breakfast, however it is the most important meal of the day after all.


On the rare occasion I had room for lunch, or had simply walked off more than my breakfast I took the weight off my feet and enjoyed a laid back hour-or-so chowing down, chatting to bar tenders & people watching.

After scaring myself half to death in MoPop’s Scared To Death exhibition, I allowed Local 360 to revive me with their locally sourced, sustainable menu. And maybe a mimosa. Being vegetarian the menu was slightly limiting, had I already been attempting veganism I would have been shit outta luck but taking great comfort in the lemon & thyme mimosa. This time the Kale Benedict reigned supreme from the crispy waffle base to contrasting of creamy Hollandaise to tangy hot sauce. Safe to say, this slightly pricey lunch spot is a fabulous treat and definitely worth making the most of happy hour for the budget conscious.

Want to more than eating in Seattle? Let’s go hunting for wax!

I’ve mentioned them countless times but Easy Street Records in West Seattle really dished up more than I had bargained for. Thoughtful layout, extensive catalogue, fine ass coffee and a big ass menu punned up to the max, of which nearly all items can be vegefied. In a city where being veggie was actually quite taxing, Easy Street is an oasis.

I went for the records, I stayed for the Sound Garden Burger. When they call themselves the “best little record store, coffee bar, and diner”, they deserve it. Easy Street is warm, welcoming & waxy (in a good way!).


Serious Pie came with a tonne of recommendations. What else can I say other than it exceeded the hype in every way, which basically never happens, and their classic marg might be the best in the world. Blistered crusts edging fluffy yet crisp bases sturdy enough to support the well-balanced toppings. Perfection.

Mexican food is my favourite food group, so much so Cactus happened twice. Was it the Baja Marg or the butternut squash enchilada? We may never know, actually that’s a lie. We know. It was both. Cactus’ modern community vibe and exquisite flavour combinations set her apart from the competition.

Eating veggie proved difficult when not knowing where to look (aka I should have done a bit more research). Wedgewood II came to the rescue. All-veggie menu of Thai favourites including pad thai, sweet & sour tofu and green curry tasted just like their “normal” counterparts & felt healthy in comparison to the gluten of the previous few days eats. Top tip: stick with the tofu, the meat subs are sub-par at best.

Snack Time

Savoury quick bites or small lunch comes no better than the kawaii AF BeanFish. Cast your net wide and find them at Fremont’s Sunday Market serving up their take on Tai Yaki: Japan’s favourite comfort food. Stuffed fish shaped waffles provide the base to sweet & savoury fillings. mmmBacon was my perfect match once they’d kindly cooked up my sans-pig order and had I been in the mood for a little sweetness, I Love You So Matcha would’ve surely satisfied.

Lady Yum, situated in Downtown Seattle, sell a spectrum of rainbow brite macarons in an assortment of classic & twisted up flavours; think Mermaid, Unicorn & Shindig. So fun! Add to that a happy hour of pink champers surrounded by only the most fabulous decor this side of the Canadian border. Don’t believe me? I visited Lady Yum THREE times in ten days. If that’s not testament to just how kawaii the spot & staff are, I don’t know what is!

Just can’t get enough of Seattle? Click to come crate digging with me!

A top notch duo serving up a trio of sugary goodness is Ballard’s own Cupcake Royale & Rodeo Donuts. You’ll find a few Cupcake Royale locations around the city but Ballard was the only spot I found Rodeo Donuts. This pair of sibling bakeries have this sugar thing down. Like, in a BIG way. The fact that they’ve combined into one location makes things easier & way more difficult in one fell swoop. How do you pick? Let’s break this down.

Cupcake Royale is on point for spot-on classic cupcakes, cupcakes with on-trend flavour twists, ice cream, ice cream sundaes - with the addition of a couple of allergen free versions. I highly recommend the Red Velvet ice cream (a baby scoop in a cup after filling up at Local 360 was the perfect aperitif). It’s difficult to argue with the sentiment that they are “Seattle’s Best Cupcakes & Donuts” when Apfel Steusel cupcakes reminiscent of Viennese goodness are in the counter.

Fried & iced in every shape & size, Rodeo Donuts serve up only the tastiest small batch, gourmet desserts sure to set your gums atingling. Get stuck into Maple Cinnamon Long John like me & prepare to be dazzled.

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