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The first time I fell in love was with a chestnut beastie named Boyo. He was cheeky, handsome and knew his own mind. Sure, when I went off the lead rein he rolled on me. I was four, turns out you’re more resilient than you know at four.

The most fun I ever had was down to Fury & Floyd. The former, a 12.2hh dappled grey Welsh Mountain pony. The latter a 15.3hh bay ex-racehorse. So different in so many ways but with a shared common ground for speed & being darn softies in their stables.

My first horse was, and still is, Dewi. The naughtiest, most stubborn, & daftest rescue on the planet. He was five & I was fifteen when we found each other & we really grew up together, forming a bond that won’t be broken. Even now when I go home his whinny when he sees me across the field gives me goosebumps. A London suburb is no substitute for rolling Welsh countryside so Dewi stayed when I moved here, and frankly it was the best decision for both of us. He belongs outside, and I belong in music.

What I’m trying to get at is that one of the biggest constant sources of joy in my life is a direct result of riding. It taught me responsibility, accountability, & letting go. It allowed me to travel, to move abroad, & broaden my horizons eventually setting me on the path I’m on now. Whenever I travel, finding somewhere to go out on a trail ride is pretty high on my agenda and these are my favourite spots for horse back riding in the world. So far anyway…

  1. Knob Hill Ranch, CA

    The only spot in the Joshua Tree area which takes you trail riding inside the National Park. It’s super dreamy, the horses are foot-sure af, & your guide also knows the best spots in town for tequila.

  2. Sunset Ranch, CA

    See the City Of Angels in the most unusual way as you wind up through the Hollywood Hills on horseback. Sunset Ranch’s guides know their stuff, have a true love of their horses & know the best spots in town to whet your whistle.

  3. EZ Trails, WA

    A paragraph isn’t enough to do this place justice. My extended outback trail with Cowboy Jeff, Hayley, Casper & Sheila the Dog took me through some serious Jurassic Park forests at one point, snacking on fresh blackberries & looking out for wildlife.

  4. Green Cove, NC

    I spent a glorious summer at Camp Green Cove working in their stables, taking care of their horses, teaching campers stable management, & making friends for life. My quarter horse, Carson, was the icing on the cake.

  5. Banff, Alberta, Canada

    For reasons I can’t even recall now, Chip the Hip Hop Dancing Cowboy took Kate & me out on a group trail, teaching us about wildlife, the local ecosystem & hip hop. Sure.

  6. Ogmore, Wales

    A stones throw from Cardiff, Ogmore is the first decent beach & one you can gallop along on sturdy Welsh steeds. Exhilarating to say the least.

  7. Galicnik, FYROM

    This spot was W I L D. Literally, wild. A stable on the side of the road with well-kept ponies, the guides took us into the Galicnik mountains where I’ve never seen sky so blue, dogs so big, or tasted sheeps’cheese as tangy!

  8. JAEC/Sustainable City, Dubai

    I worked her for two wonderful years, and if you want to learn to ride I cannot recommend the team highly enough. Knowledgable, extraordinarily talented, & holding a true affection for these spirited creatures like pretty much no one else.

  9. Reykjavik, Iceland

    Sunrise never feels more appealing than when horse riding under pink skies in the view of marshmallowy mountains is on the card. Perfect for novices too thanks to the bomb-proof nature of fluffy by mane, fluffy by nature Icelandic ponies.

  10. Arabian Ranches, Dubai

    Get out in the desert as fast as you can because there are endurance horses chomping at the bit to run in the dunes. Arabian Ranches also has a polo club for post-gallop picnicking.

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