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Local Tourist: East London

Local Tourist: East London

Where, When & Why

Shoreditch, East London // March 2018 // Art walks, afternoon tea & aperitifs

My dear Mum popped to London to visit my sister and I over Mother's Day weekend and on the Saturday we treated her to an East London afternoon, showing her the sights, sounds and smells of this diverse area of the city.

The Budget

Total Budget: £40 // Total Spend: £35.50

Travel: my monthly Oyster covered it

Matcha Latter, Holy Shot: £3.00

High Tea, Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium: £32.50 (standard is £25, Laura & I covered Suze's tea)

G&T, The Well & Bucket: £0.00 (Thanks Dave!)

Art Walks

Stepping out from any station in East London and you'd really have to not be paying attention to literally everything going on around you to miss out on the art pasted over almost every available wall space. One of my favourite things to do of an afternoon is grab one of the fine bevs from Holy Shot, and maybe a cheeky Crosstown Doughnuts if I'm feeling a little naughty, and take a walk.

There are official street art tours you can take should you want more in depth knowledge. I've been on a couple of these so now I find the colourful streets provide more than enough eye candy to keep me on the go for hours. Or maybe that's the matcha...

Walking down Sclater Street seconds before hitting Brick Lane and get a feline fix from Lik + Neon's resident kitty while you pick up a contemporary print, greeting card or some very Shoreditch fashions.

Afternoon Tea

The Acreman's are big animal fans. Since my sisters and I were tiny the house was always bustling with pets so it seemed natural to take Suze (aka my mum) to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium for a purrfect afternoon tea for all. Yes, the Lady has gluten free and vegan options are covered.

Settling down in the basement with a meow-cha, we were soon greeted with a tower of treats fit for a queen while rescue cats chilled in thrones & on canopies in the supremely chill environment.

Macarons, fruity scones and finger sandwiches, washed down with bottomless tea provided the pawfect accompaniment  to heart-warming moments as the very contented cats did what cats do best: look on with disdain, almost come over for a cuddle, and sleep. Lady Dinah is home to all manner of kitties from monochrome micro-mewers to a massive Maine Coon who are no strangers to stunting chatter of their guests.

Spending time with Lady Dinah's extended feline family is certainly one of the more relaxing ways to spend an unforgettable family day out.


We'd opted for the alcohol-free tea, alarming I know, so felt it was only appropriate to round of the day with a trip to the Well & Bucket.

Known for its extensive & quite excellent gin selection, W&B serve up beautifully crafted tonics with local gins paired with their ideal significant other and complimented with the addition of fruits, herbs & spices for a delightful twist. The decor is cool and the beer garden cosy, go here in the sunshine to make the most of everything they have on offer. 

Got a London hot spot I need to hit up? Drop a comment and LMK.

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