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Getting My Buzz On At UK Coffee Week

Getting My Buzz On At UK Coffee Week

Where, When & Why?

Great Britain // April 2018 // Death before decaf

Thanks to a Twitter Pal, it came to my attention that this week is UK Coffee Week and you know how much I dig a cuppa Joe! Anyway, what is UK Coffee Week when it's at home? Well, in simple terms it's a week in April where the nation celebrates this fine bean, simultaneously raising funds for coffee growing communities via Project Waterfall.

Project Waterfall's mission is to provide clean water, sanitation and education to coffee growing communities. Neat, right? Find your local participant here.

Fun Facts About Britain's Favourite Bean*

*after the Heinz variety, of course.

- Internationally adored, approximately two billion cups are consumed globally every day.  55 million of these are in the UK alone.

- Looking for a top notch bean? Get within 1,000 miles of the equator. Coffee is grown most successfully between the Tropic of Cancer & Tropic of Capricorn.

- Not to be ageist, but it seems our parents are picking up that instant hit while millennials are all for fresh ground coffee and single-serve coffee pods - the latter not so great for reducing your plastic consumption.

- Aren't you a sociable bean! Yes, 80% of all coffee shop consumers get their fix at least once a week. A staggering 16% hit up their local coffee shops daily.F!

Coffee Breaks

Okay, school time over, are you feeling buzzed? Ready to get your java on? Here are a bustle of cracking spots to get your caffeine fix. Remember pals: DEATH BEFORE DECAF!

Smoothbean, Croydon

As one of the participants in UK Coffee Week, you can add a shot of feel-good by picking up a brew from Smoothbean. Artisan coffee from Volcano Coffee Works and a fierce independent spirit, enjoy a little Peru in deepest darkest South London. 

Perky Blenders, London

Oh how I am LIVING for this pun. Even if you think the coffee is shit (it isn't, just fyi) go for the clean aesthetic, next level word play and participation in UK Coffee Week. They rule the roost with their blend of the month & dedication to dairy alternatives. Do as they say: drink better coffee.

Holy Shot, Shoreditch

Shoreditch's finest coffee, in my opinion anyway. Retro tabletop pin ball and reading material galore make this cosy coffee shop an oasis on the busy Bethnal Green Road. Drawing inspiration from Antipodean third wave coffee culture, twisting with a distinct aroma of ethically & locally sourced ingredients, and classic East End hospitality. Oh, and they have sensational vegan options to boot!

Outsider Tart, Chiswick

Hearty all-American eats aren't the only mouth-waterers being served up at Outsider Tart. Located on Chiswick High Road, this is the spot for killer coffee and on top of the classics the House Coffees are not to be missed. Think multiple shots laced with brown sugar, butter (yes, butter), salt, chilli and other shouldn't-work-but-do ingredients. Hey, no one said this was healthy.

Department of Coffee & Social Affairs, London

These guys & gals know their coffee so even when I'm attempting to order my cuppa Joe first thing on a Monday they seem to know exactly which of their tonics will fix what ails me. Makes sense for a company which prides itself on social responsibility.

I Will Kill Again, Hackney

Hackney locals who take their love of coffee to the occult end of the spectrum and will turn you into a toad if you dare say they're anything to do with that weasel Harry Potter. This is the roastery cafe of official sick-fucks Dark Arts Coffee. Dog friendly with a kick ass vegan menu, and brewing only the best speciality coffee, I Will Kill Again will make your life better.

Know what goes great with coffee? Brunch. Find out the best spots for the most important meal of the day in London right here right now.

The Haberdashery, Crouch End

Fuelled by Nude Espresso, The Haberdashery is a cute & kitsch coffee shop just off The Broadway. This North London staple looks good enough to eat. Luckily, they're as passionate about coffee and cooking up a killer brunch as they are supporting the local community.

Point One, Brighton

The aesthetic of Point One marries up well with their dedication to single origin coffee, the setting is quiet & pared back to let the beans speak for themselves. Full of fruity flavours, and a hint of lychee, go classic with a black americano built on the sturdy foundation of the Guatemalan bean.

Elan Cafe, Kensington

Ridiculously pretty & a fave amongst all your favourite Instagrammers thanks to it's sugary sweet interior. Balance out with a perfectly crafted coffee or go big & bold with a Nitro Cold Brew. 

Love coffee? Download the Best Coffee Guide for iOS & Android to find new spots on the go & around the globe.

Find out more about UK Coffee Week here.

* Fun facts sourced from British Coffee Association.


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