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Local Tourist: Crystal Palace

Local Tourist: Crystal Palace

Where, When & Why

Crystal Palace // April 2018 // Dinosaurs, sphinxes & nitro cold brew

By now, you probably know I live for a day out exploring my lovely city and with the heatwave that's hit London this week as if I couldn't pick a postcode and go for a wander. After toying with Hampstead Heath but worrying it is a bit done-to-death, I went in search of something off-kilter and landed myself on a day-trip the underrated pocket of Crystal Palace.

Brews & Brunch

Having not visited Crystal Palace before and really not knowing a whole lot about it I turned to Best Coffee for a solid start point. I followed their expertise and as usual, wasn't disappointed with my choice. Four Boroughs is a small independent coffee shop on Church Road who serve up goodness as standard. A nitro cold brew surrounded by good vibes, good views and good things was just the ticket to start my day right.

Fast forward to the end of my excursion where Brown & Greens provided a hearty & healthy refuel - the veggie brekkie was divine. Added points for community vibes, al fresco seating and a very cute pup called Phoebe.

Scouring For Second Hand Gems

Brunch spots and top notch coffee aside, Church Road is far more boojie than anyone probably gives Crystal Palace credit for. Independent clothing stores, beauty salons and antique stores line either side of the road leading you away from the park, towards the White Hart Pub & some darling real estate mixed in with homes Grade III listed homes.

Walking With Dinosaurs

Crystal Palace Park is a wilderness of weirdness. The park contains an amphitheatre, a farm and picnic areas aplenty, but the big draw was the dinosaurs. Follow the path anticlockwise from the station side and before you know it you'll be surrounded by statues of iguanodons, Megalosaurus and Teleosaurs nestled along the water's edge in between trimmed back shrubbery. The dinosaurs are an icon of the South London green space and in the blazing heat we couldn't help but pray for a boat to enjoy the lake.

Ask the Universe nicely, and she will provide.

Minutes later we were in a pedalo having the most joyful time speeding around the lake trying to spot dinosaurs and birds while chatting the time away. Following this exhilarating boat dream, lollies and park strolls lead us through the grounds to sphinxes and a very strange fun fair.

All in all, an odd but delightful day in one underrated borough.

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