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Buzzworthy Seattle: Part 1

Buzzworthy Seattle: Part 1

Where, When, Why

Seattle // October 2018 // Getting buzzed is best.

I already shared how I ate my way around the great state of Washington so now it’s time to get our buzz on. If caffeine gets you going or you want a top coffee spots and watering holes unite in this two-stop shop for all things made to refuel you in a different kind of way.

Coffee Time

Notes from Jess: I’m a black coffee kinda gal and unless stated that was my poison in every coffee shop I stopped off in. No milk, no sugar, no problem.

Porchlight, Capitol Hill // A+

A locally owned delight in the heart of the trendy Capitol Hill, Porchlight is much more than coffee. And the coffee itself is delicious - fruity, rich and will give you right kick up the arse - but what I really loved was the incredibly warm welcome, insightful conversation, and insanely strong record collection. Plus, they have merch to boot set in tasteful modern yet mid-century decor. Do not visit Capitol Hill without saying hi to Zac in Porchlight.

Easily my favourite spot of all.

General Porpoise, Downtown // A

General Porpoise deal predominantly in sugar highs through the medium of their jam or custard filled doughnuts (go for the pluot if it’s in season) but life is all about balance and their coffee does just that. Hip & efficient barristers roll with the punches of complex-for-the-sake-of-it orders, seemingly smashing it every time as happy punters sip away among tropical plants of the Bio Spheres.

Cherry Street, Downtown // B-

Cherry Street’s neon sign sucked me in on the way to MoPop and as breakfast was yet to be had, it seemed like a good spot. The decor is a little lack lustre but the staff are pleasant and serve up a decent cup of joe. After my visit I heard murmurings of some bad publicity to do with staff wages which is pretty shitty

Starbucks, Pike Place // B

Unsurprisingly, the original Starbucks in Pike Place Market is busy with a capital B. From service to first sip, expect the classic Starbs’ experience with the added edge of having to queue outside first. Kinda cool to visit and tick off the list but note there is a another Starbucks literally around the corner serving up exactly the same brews, minus the queues. 

Caffe Umbria, Westlake Union // A

Caffe Umbria sat down the street from my sister’s apartment in Westlake Union and this was the only spot I didn’t have an Americano. Here I went for filling & warming soya Chai latte because it was gross and raining and I needed something sweet to help me on my way to Capitol Hill. Their sweet & aromatic chai drove away the rainy day blues and I was almost sorry I had it to go because their equipment in smooth blue & yellow hues against the monochrome tiling was a hipster decor-dream.

Triptych Coffee, South Lake Union // A+

The chap who runs this pop up on South Lake Union is a genius inventor & upcycler who just so happens to make a damn fine coffee. In his hut are creations manifested to make the most of his small space while making his life way easier. Great dude, great coffee.

Storytime, Pike Place // A

Before you visit Storytime sign up to their mailing list and collect your free branded mug during your first visit. I strongly urge you to give your Storytime the Swedish treatment and go full Fika on their ass: add the cinnamon bun. Just do it.

Ride Or Die

Ride Or Die